5 Questions To Ask Your Window Installation Company

5 Questions To Ask Your Window Installation Company

Installing new windows for your home is something you want done correctly the first time. Replacing your windows is no small task and, depending on the job, it can be costly to your wallet and time-consuming enough to disrupt your everyday routine at home.

Some homeowners will make the critical mistake of hiring the wrong installation company. Why? Because they try to save some bucks in the bargain and end up getting more than they might have bargained for. Poor workmanship, improper installation, and simple mistakes can often turn a costly job into an effort that becomes twice expensive through hiring another company to repair the problems made by the first company.

But you can avoid all of this by doing some standard preliminary due diligence through asking certain basic questions ahead of time. These fundamental queries will prove extremely valuable in helping you decide which installers are worth your hard-earned cash and which ones should be tossed aside from your determination process.

So, for all of you seeking out new windows newport news va, there are five questions you must ask any potential installation company before you sign paperwork agreeing to let that firm do the job. These questions just may save you from necessary headaches and budget overruns down the line.

1. Does The Company Have The Best Bid?

The first thing you will do is to shop around for the company that offers the most competitive bid. Notice how we didn’t say the lowest. That’s because the lowest bid is not always a representation of the best installer.

You’re going to want to receive a variety of bids from different companies so you may compare them amongst each other. But you need to be certain that the bid is practical, it must incorporate everything that is necessary for the project to be completed properly and on time.

A good bid is a thorough estimate of the materials being used, the extent of the labor needed to finish the work, and the types of windows that are being installed.

You want the bid to be as detailed and complete as possible, there can be no room for error and you can avoid that from taking place by getting a detailed, itemized estimate with the company’s bid.

2. What Are The Payment Arrangements Required?

No reputable company is going to ask you to pay the entire amount of the work being done up front. No matter what. Some unscrupulous installers will try to entice you to pay in full before they start work by offering you significant discounts on the job.

That’s another red flag on top of the first. Do not fall into this trap. Once you’ve given the installation company the full amount owed on the bid, you have no guarantees that they will complete the work or even do so with any competence.

The typical breakdown of payments on a window replacement job is usually a percentage up front and a mutually agreed upon payment structure at stages of he project until it’s complete.

3. Is Everything Included In The Contract?

Before you sign an agreement with your installer, read the contract from top to bottom. The paperwork should stipulate everything that is germane to the project, including your warranty. This part is particularly important as it protects you should something go wrong in the future. 

Without that protection, nothing is truly covered by the installation company should something happen. The warranty is there to safeguard the windows and the work that was done on putting them in. Typical coverage from a window manufacturer usually extends over a ten year period. But you should also have some sort of guarantee on the work that is being performed. 

A good installer guarantees their work, so a warranty of two years or more should be part of the contract. 

4. Is The Installation Company Fully Licensed?

Many states have various permitting and licensing laws in order for an installation company to perform work legally. Without proper licenses, your company may be operating outside of the law and this can ` open you up to further exposure should something go wrong with the job. 

This is where you can do most of your initial research as you try to hire the best company. A license number should be easy to obtain from any company, at which you point you can look it up to see what the company’s past business practices have been like. Any complaints lodged against them will be available for your review. 

5. Is The Company Insured?

This one is really a no-brainer. Every reputable installation company will have various policies like comprehensive liability, workers comp, and work vehicle coverages, just for starters. Remember, these policies are in place to protect you and your home. So ask for their insurance certificates and review them. Are they current? Do they have the proper limits? Will these policies be sufficient in covering specific issues or are they blanket policies. The latter may not be good enough. 

The bottom line: if the installation company isn’t insured, they’re not the company for you.