Keep More of Your Cash With These 5 Money-Saving Hacks

Keep More of Your Cash With These 5 Money-Saving Hacks

For most, moving is very exciting. Well, at least getting to experience a change in scenery can be fun. All of this excitement can come to a screeching halt once the total bill of your move comes in. The typical household rarely has moving expenses budgeted properly, or knowing what it will actually take to move. It’s been a topic of discussion for decades with a list of questions that are repeatedly asked: When’s the best time to move? How much will a move cost? How can I save money? Do I need to take everything? How long will it take me to pack up?

The above questions are just a few that taunt us as moving day creeps ever so close. When moving into a new home, there are a lot of costs and hidden expenses that we just do not consider or they simply slip our minds when planning. Before waiting until the last minute to do anything, grab your pen, a piece of paper, a calculator, and a some of us may need an extra cup of coffee, but it’s time to cut our moving expenses and move into our new home with a new take on life.

5 Planning Tips For Your Next Home Move

Hand Me Down Moving Supplies Are Gold

If you haven’t done so yet, check a classifieds site like Craigslist or your local Classified site. Trust me you are not the only person who is moving, has moved or planning to move. When people are done moving, they are always left with one large sized pile of moving boxes. These items that can be hard to give away, let alone find space to store until trash day. People are always posting free moving boxes, blankets, and other items that help movers get into their new home at a fraction of the cost. Packing supplies and boxes cost money, why would anyone want to throw money out of the window. Make a search and take advantage of those who have traveled the moving path before you.

Moving Company Vs. Friends & Family Discount

I don’t know what’s worse, asking a friend or family member to help you move or being the friend or family member to assist in moving. Who’s responsible if you scratch, scuff or even break their items while helping? That alone is enough to opt-in for third-party movers. Certain reputable moving companies can provide a long list of services that will alleviate the stress of moving day. Large companies work inside of moving networks like North American Van Lines.  New questions will arise, such as who to trust and how much will it cost? These are the two biggest questions that are asked about moving companies. It is true that using a moving company will cost more than using the free labor of friends and family, but you will get peace of mind knowing professionals are taking special care of your home’s furniture and other household items.

Optimized Budget By Moving Center Month

Most people move during the beginning or the end of the month, typically when leases run out and money is due. This is also the time moving companies are bogged down with heavy workloads. Opting to move in the middle of the month can save you money with moving companies because it gives you a chance to ask for a reduced rate during their slow times of the month. Timing is everything, and when you’re moving, it’s critical!

Trimming the Constrictive Fat of Clutter

Moving is a time when we figure out exactly how much we have grown and gained while living in our current residence. Some items are useless, some have very little value, and then there are those items we bought and never used. Each item you pack up costs to move and adds to the load you’ll have to carry. Take some time, make a small list and decide if you still need that old box to your TV or that container of old clothes you can’t wear anymore. Trim the fat to trim the cost!

Expect Post-Move Costs

You would really be pulling off an incredible magic trick if you think you can move, pay for moving expenses, and there are no other costs to follow. There are always expenses that accrue even after the move.  There will always be something you need or want for your freshly moved-in home.

Saving money is the important factor to consider when moving. Without proper planning, it can literally become a mobile disaster of events that slides from one location to the next. Make the most out of your next move by saving more when you plan better!