How To Prevent Clogged Drains In Your Home

How To Prevent Clogged Drains In Your Home

Everyone who shares their home with others knows how trying it is to keep ending up with clogged drains. Whether you’re living with your family and have tons of people using a single shower, have to cycle between roommates, or simply have old, rusty pipes that are far more prone to clogging, dealing with a clogged drain is a part of life, albeit an unpleasant one. However, if you’re tired of running to the store to pick up Drano, there are a few plumbing tips you can use to whip your drain into shape. It doesn’t matter how much gunk your sink is dealing with on a daily basis: With a bit of elbow grease and the help of a reliable plumber serving Charlottesville, you should be able to fix the issue of slow drainage and clogged sinks forever. If you’re ready to make your drain do its actual job, here’s how you can take steps toward preventing clogged drains in your home.

Hair Beware

One of the biggest and most annoying causes of drain clogging is hair. Masses of hair can easily find their way into the drain without anyone being the wiser. Eventually, the clog will build up so much that your bath, sink, or tub simply will refuse to drain. This isn’t a great situation for anyone. Instead of letting it get to that point, use a simple tool like a drain filter or hair-catcher around the edge of your drain to collect all the hair that’s trying to get sucked down into your pipes. If you’re living in a house with a ton of other roommates, this problem is going to come back to haunt you sooner than you think. While you might not like how using a de-clogger slows down your drain, you’ll be happy you got it once you stop having to manually reach down and pull matted hair out from your plumbing every few weeks. You can buy a filter for pretty cheap, and if you’re someone who doesn’t have to wash their hair every day, you can use a shower cap to prevent hair from getting out when you’re not actively shampooing.

Get a Drain Snake

If you haven’t been introduced to the drain snake, you don’t know what you’re missing. A simple yet elegant tool, the drain snake is a long, spiky object that fits down your drains to de-gunk everything and create a clear path for your water to drain through. It works almost as well as Drano, without creating the possibility of harming or exploding your pipes in time. If you live in an older building, you’ll want to be sparing with the Drano to begin with, since many older piping systems aren’t quite built to handle the strength of those chemicals. This goes double if you’re using acid to clear your clogged sink. A much gentler and just as effective way of doing this is using your drain snake every so often to make sure nothing’s getting stuck in there.

Use Natural Cleaners to Unclog

If you keep ending up with a totally backed up sink, you might want to turn to natural cleaners to get the job done. Using products you can probably find in your pantry, such as baking soda and vinegar, you can create an effective tool for cleaning the gunk out of your pipes periodically. Sprinkling about a handful of baking soda down your drain is a great way to create a gentle, cleansing foam that will get rid of dirt, hair, and dust, and effectively kill bacteria in the process if you’re worried about what’s living down there. Using vinegar is also a great way to clear a path for easy draining. Just pour some boiling water down your drain after the vinegar or baking soda and wait for about half an hour. By that time, your natural cleaner will have worked its magic, leaving you with an easily-drained sink or shower.

Clean Out Your Disposal Often

A clogged garbage disposal can end up leaving your pipes in even worse shape that clumps of hair. If you have a garbage disposal and don’t really know how to clean it, don’t worry. It’s easy. You can either use the baking soda or vinegar trick to clean the composted remains of the disposal and easily flush everything down, or you can fill an ice cube tray with diluted white vinegar and use your disposal to crush them into bite-sized pieces. They’ll dissolve deep in your drain and leave you with a sparkling clean sink. For an even better smell, follow your vinegar cubes with a twist of citrus.