Helpful Post Holiday Season Carpet Cleanup Tips

Helpful Post Holiday Season Carpet Cleanup Tips

The holidays. Sure, they’re a wonderful opportunity to spend much needed time with friends and loved ones but they can also be extremely stressful. All of the preparations involved from the food to the presents to getting your home presentable for those nieces and nephews.

In the blink of an eye it’s all over and what’s left are the remnants of weeks of preparation and multiple people having lived in your home for an extended length of time. That can take a toll on a number of areas in your home, your carpet being the most likely to suffer.

That’s due in large part to increased foot traffic and more people walking back and forth over it. Not to mention the higher risk of spills and accidents from less than cautious house guests and now that it’s all over, the only thing left to do is clean up.

When it comes to the carpet, you have a few steps to go through in order to ensure that your long lasting carpet looks and feels its very best well after the holidays have come and gone. The following are some of our helpful post holiday season carpet cleanup tips:

Get Out that Vacuum

More people coming in and out of your home means a higher than normal amount of foot traffic. That leads to an increase the amount of dirt and grime that will end up in and on top of your carpet fibers. So the first thing to do is grab that surface soil before it can get ground into the material by vacuuming on a regular basis.

You can do this when people are still in the home but in the event that all the excitement and socializing got in the way, start to do it the minute everyone leaves the house. If you let that excess dirt get into the carpet, you could run the risk of the carpet becoming damaged through high levels of soiling. Don’t let it get that far, start to vacuum as quickly as possible.

Carpet Cleaning

Whether you decide to go with professional carpet cleaning in redmond wa or you rent a cleaner to bring home and do the work yourself, choosing heavy-duty equipment to get at those spills and stains left behind will lift them out much easier and more thoroughly than if you tried to do the job without that help.

Hopefully you were able to tend to all of those accidents that happened on your carpet because that means you could prevent long-term damage from stains that can set for good. But since life can usually get in the way of these things, it’s possible you’re just discovering some messes that were made days or even weeks ago.

For these situations, a professional cleaning is the way to go as your carpets may need the attention of a deep clean in order to lift those stubborn stains that were allowed to set. If you think you can remove it on your own, try some white vinegar and water and blot, never wipe at the mess. But if it just won’t come up completely, it’s time to call an expert.