Clean Out Your Gutters To Protect Your Roof

Clean Out Your Gutters To Protect Your Roof

Whether you’ve just gotten your roof fixed, replaced, or renovated by midlothian roofers, you can always afford to practice better roof maintenance during the year. That new roof might have just solved all your problems, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t continue to take care of it. Roof care isn’t all about preventing mildew growth and making sure there are no leaks, either. One of the most important aspects of your roof’s health has to do with keeping the gutters clean and clear. That means taking the time to filter out leaves, dirt, debris, and perhaps most importantly, ice and snow. Don’t worry, it’s actually not as time-intensive as it seems. In fact, there are a number of low-cost tools you can use to help the job go by more quickly. If you’re interested in protecting your home roof for years to come, here are some solid roofing tips for keeping your gutters clear and your roof standing strong.

Get a Gutter Filter

You don’t want to spend half your life manually cleaning wet leaves from your gutter in order to keep your roof safe and dry. Luckily, with new tools on the market, you don’t have to. Doing something as simple and easy as installing a gutter filter could help you keep your gutters working better during even the roughest storms. Filters rest on the top of your gutters to keep out dirt, leaves, and huge chunks of snow and ice for easy removal. All you have to do is clear them off every so often, preferably once a day or every few days, depending on the season. Filter ensure that you don’t have to worry about your gutters and drains overflowing because of a single leaf blocking the way. During the fall, this can be extremely helpful. While having leaves on your roof and in your gutter isn’t the biggest problem, it can present a challenge when the rain starts to come and mats everything down. Remember, the drier your roof is, the better protected it is. That means that your gutters have to be working their best no matter what.

Install Gutter Heaters

Filters will help you keep small bits of debris out of your gutters. But what happens after the first big snowstorm? Winter is arguably the most trying time for our home roofs since snow and ice can end up making a comfortable home on top of our homes, slowly melting and causing drastic water damage to our homes’ foundation. The purpose of gutter heaters is to combat this by helping snow and ice melt and drain quickly and easily. When the winter hits and you start getting snowfall after snowfall, there’s simply not enough time or energy for the snow to melt by itself. This can lead to ice dams forming on the roof and, even worse, in your gutters, rendering them totally useless. Gutter heaters are simple: They run along your gutters and drains to provide heat to the area, letting iced-over areas melt and easily drain away so you don’t have to go up there with an ice pick to get your gutters clear. Installation is easy, and your heaters will ensure that snow doesn’t stay on your roof for long, no matter what the weather.

Protect Your Downspouts

We’ve covered a few ways to protect the top and sides of your roof. But what about your downspouts? These are small funnels in your gutter through which rain and snow run off and into your drains. They may be small, but they’re the most important part of a well-functioning gutter. Neglecting them could mean a lot of trouble for your roof. That’s why using a small drain cover or screen can make all the difference. Downspout covers work like a protective cone to keep everything out of the way. Without them, one tiny pebble or chunk of ice could end up blocking drainage for days. Downspout filters are easy to install and can help everything work more smoothly during periods of harsh weather. Best of all, they keep your downspouts clean and allow your draining system to never get backed up with ice, snow, or dirt.

Check On Your Gutters Daily

The best way to keep your gutters (and your roof) healthy is to make sure you’re keeping a constant eye on your drains. Make a habit of checking your gutters in the morning and in the evening to make sure nothing is getting clogged or blocked. During the winter, try checking your gutter more often in case one of your filters or covers has been dislodged or fallen off after a storm.